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The Foodliner team consists of the best in the business. We have opportunities for qualified people in our corporate office, and at our terminals across the country. Be part of a growing transportation organization that goes the distance for customers and is committed to the careers of its employees. Apply today!

Position Description Location
Diesel Mechanic Foodliner is looking for a tractor/trailer mechanic. Franklin Park, IL.
Diesel Tech/Mechanic Tractor/trailer mechanic with experience in tractor/trailer maintenance. Must be able to repair equipment as needed. Need own set of tools and tool box. South Chicago, IL
Dispatcher Foodliner is looking for a couple of dispatchers in Dubuque, IA. Call for more information. 800-251-9569, ext. 42695 Dubuque, IA Corporate Office
Fleet Manager Assistant Foodliner, Inc. is looking for a Fleet Manager Assistant to work in Central Dispatch. Dubuque, IA.
Rail Loader Foodliner is looking for a person to load trailers off of a railcar. South Chicago, IL.
Service Manager Foodliner/McCoy NationaLease is looking for a service manager, to run all aspects of our shop. Dubuque, IA.
Tractor Trailer Mechanic Foodliner, Inc. is looking for a tractor trailer mechanic. Experience need. Set hours. Lake City, MN.
Transportation Services IBMi Manager Foodliner is looking for a transportation services IBMi manager. Dubuque, IA.
Wash Bay Tech Trailer wash technicians. Cleaning inside of trailers based on specific shipper instructions. Must be able to follow exact instructions on each phase of the wash process and adhere to all safety requirements. S. Chicago, IL
Wash Bay Technician Foodliner is in need of a wash bay technician. Battle Creek, MI.
Wash Bay Technician We need a wash bay technician, to wash trailers. Franklin Park, IL.


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